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Thousand Miles Love Campaign 2017 succeeded
2019/01/29    2219
Recently around June.1st, The Children's day, a campaign named "Thousand Miles Love Campaign" successfully concluded. The capmaign was spnsored by 6 private enterprises and aimed at "Caring left-behind children, autistic children, thousand miles love". It took five days to run across two provinces and looked after three schools which covered 1840 kids in total. On the closing ceremony, the organizer  conveyed that this campaign will stay and last year after year. Summoning more people and enterprieses to participate and help more needed people!

The conclusion meeting held in the evening of June. 2nd in Chenxi Hotel. The banner of the show and legends on it had symbolized the love and hope, colorful and beautiful flowers expressed vigor and baloons decorated the hall to enhance the cheerful envrionment.

The campaign was sponsored by Hushin Group and Beijing Sitong Household service group; launched by Beijing Youxin Enterpreneure Club; co-hosted by Lei Diansheng Studio and Beijing Tiandaohengyuan Culture Media Co.Ltd; presented by Beijing Renyixiongdi International Film Culture Media Co.Ltd. Two major parts of the event were: Love for Left-behind children, love for Autistic children. The key of this event is to start with everyone and call enterprises and caring people for paying attention to those special kids.

At the last station of the campaign, Shaotao, the vice president of Huanren county of Benxi, Xin Xiaoming, head of the propaganda department, Fu Chunbao, the principle of Dongshan High School, Song Qingwei, the excellent enterpreneure, Yan Zhibing, Hushin Group's president, Chen Jie, Beijing Sitong Household service group, Ma Jinjiang, the president of Beijing Tiandaohengyuan Culture Media Co.Ltd, Song Qingkai, Beijing Renyixiongdi International Film Culture Media Co.Ltd and other entreperneuers attended the conclusion meeting. 


The convention summarized steps and the whole process, what we saw and felt all along the way, talked about the meaning of the event and encouraged to keep on having this event. It summoned more enterprises and caring people to take care and responsibilities on the kids, especially those in bad situation.

Representatives of the 6 companies, caring people and other media  staffs carrying donations in 6 vans and headed for the target. The team went through Hebei and Liaoning provinces , covering over 2000 kilometers. During the Children's Day, sent love to the kids in 3 schools. 210 thousands RMB, donations including stationeries, living goods and sporting tools worth 196 thousand RMB were taken to the pupils, adding fun and love to the children's festival.

The principle of Dongshan Middle school, which was one of the schools accepted donations said: your presence and donations here made us see the great love and affection of the modern enterpreneuers. Your attention for the future generation of our nation brought us to feel more about the greatness of our jobs and responsibilities in us. We would allocate funds and donations to everyone of the children and issue more policies to take care of the left-behind children.

Every representative had mentioned that the attention and care for every lfet-behind and autistic child is truly necessary . Kids using damaged desks and stools in classroom; 260 out of 500 children were left-behind ones; their dressing, facial expression indicated that they need more attentioon and love; the situation of autistic children was even more intense. Mr. Lei Diansheng, the host of the ceremony wept several times during the meeting. 

The key managers of 6 companies had announced together at the ceremony that this campaign was worth keeping and different forms should be used in it. However, the topic and purpose must always remain the same so as to lead and propel the whole society to focus more on the group, make them feel long-lasting love and grow in a better surrounding.

The sponsors expressed sincere gratitude to the government officials, entrepreneurs for their support and assistance.