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Welfare Responsibility
The second station: Tangshan
2019/01/29    2197

The campaign "Thousand Miles Love Campaign" sponsored by Hushin has come to the second station, Tangshan in Hebei. On the Children’s day, the team came to the Shijixing school for autistic children.


The donation ceremony started at 8:00 AM in the meeting room, with the song “wanna be like you”.

Leaders from local governments had attended the donation ceremony. The special children representatives sat in accompanied by the teachers and parents and occasionally made noise. Probably they had felt the love in our presence at their special day!

The team brought 70 thousands RMB together with toys and teaching aids, living goods and stationery, candies. The donation words on the boxes warmed everyone: “Sweet and lovely Chocolate wishes every kid happy”.


We sincerely hope that with our action people could gather more enterprises and caring people to care about this special children group. They are not blind but not able to see, not deaf but no to hear, they are lonely and autistic. They are not really from among the stars but actually in us. If more helping hands could reach out to them and help them recover, their families would lower some burden. As entrepreneurs, we need to have heart and big love and help them!

In the sensational yet hopeful voice of the song “wanna be like you”, the secretary of Lunan Labor Committee presented 5000 RMB to the kids and said: this is our love for the kids who need additional attention. Hope these unfortunate children could grow up in the care from all fields of society and be happy and joyful.

A parent said: Love from the society gave us strength, we won’t complain and weep and will keep fighting.

The principle also expressed gratitude on the ceremony: love from enterprises and caring people gave us support not only in physical matters but also mentally.

The kids displayed the artifacts made during recovery training. The texture of plum made visitors feel the dedication of teachers and the result of children’s recovery.

The school awarded the enterprises with certificates, badges and gratitude flags.

The group were led by the principle after the ceremony to visit the classrooms and some recovery facilities.

Next station will be Dongshan Middle School in Liaoning.