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First station of the Campaign: Dongfang School
2019/01/28    2006

The campaign "Thousand Miles Love Campaign" sponsored by Hushin has come to the first station.


Representatives of the 6 companies, caring people and other media staffs carrying donations in 6 vans and headed for the target. The team went through Hebei and Liaoning provinces , covering over 2000 kilometers. During the Children's Day, sent love to the kids in 3 schools. 210 thousands RMB, donations including stationery, living goods and sporting tools worth 196 thousand RMB were taken to the pupils, adding fun and love to the children's festival.


At the first station, Dongfang elementary school, children welcomed the team with heart warming smile.Tomorrow is their day, and we prepared plenty of meaningful gifts to represent Hushin staff’s love.


President of Hushin presented the gifts to the kids

In the recent years, many labors rushed into the cities to make a living and left kids behind. Problems with the left-behind children is not just a rural issue but a realistic social one. The solution requires force from every aspects to take care of these kids, both in living, mental realm and study.

Paying attention to the left-behind kids, meanwhile, Hushin still cares about another group of people who neglect voice around and ignore things and hardly speak, but they are not truly deaf, blind or mute. They immerse in their own world and not willing to communicate with people around. Called “Lonely Angel”,since they are living just like stars. They are autistic children.


Having taken care of the autistic children for years, Hushin had witnessed the change in school and growing up of kids. Every time we see their growth and learning new knowledge, we feel happy and proud. We do hope kids could grow up happily and healthily.

Keep doing campaigns like this will lead us to care more about the youth and the society. Children are the flowers of our nation and we do hope more enterprises could come join in the parade and do more for the young.

The first station had reached and we are leaving for the next. Smile, joy, are encouraging us to move on.