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Thousand Miles Love Campaign Launched in Beijing
2019/01/28    2104

May 30th, The Dragon Boat Festival, the day before The Children’s Day. The moment that everyone enjoy holiday, eat Zongzi, a group of loving entrepreneurs gathered to launch a campaign, aiming at helping left-behind and autistic kids, named “Thousand Miles Love Campaign”.

The ceremony of this self-driving charity campaign will initiate on May, 30th at the patriotism education base in Fenghuangling Park.


The campaign was sponsored by Hushin Group and Beijing Sitong Household service group; launched by Beijing Youxin Entrepreneur Club; co-hosted by Lei Diansheng Studio and Beijing Tiandaohengyuan Culture Media Co.Ltd; presented by Beijing Renyixiongdi International Film Culture Media Co.Ltd. 

26 people from enterprises and media will self-drive and start from Beijing to transport funds of 210 thousands, stationery, books and living goods worth 150 thousands to the schools in Hebei and Liaoning. The schools are Dongfang Elementary School in HejianShijixing Training school in Tangsha, Hebei and Dongshan Middle School in Huanren County, Benxi, Liaoning.

Leaders from various fields of society showed up at the opening ceremony and expressed their will: to summon more attention from around with individual action to help those autistic and left-behind children. Improve personal sensations about happiness and love and start with everyone to build a warm and harmonious society.

Yan Zhibing, Hushin’s president and Chen Jie from Sitong also said:

The campaign helps more kids to grow up in loving surrounding spreads positive energy and calls for everyone’s positive attitude towards special disadvantaged groups. Harmony of the society is needed, no matter how much can you do for others, just do it. Help as many as we can, keep on doing the charitable thing for the entire nation!