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Company Culture

Prospective: To build the optical communication product production base and become the industry leader

Mission: Serve customers and create value, achieve employee's growth, develop Hushin's business, contribute to society

Company Spirit : Innovation and power up, never surrender and keep fighting

Core Values: Honesty, Diligence, Harmony, Study, Passion, All-winning, Pragmatic, Gratitude

Eight Concepts

Team Concept: Communicate through levels to find consensus, cooperate with peer for development

Management Concept: Strictness is love, concession is harm, silence is not gold

Leader Concept: Keep low profile and set example for others

Staff Concept: Moral and capable, fully use; Moral but incapable, train and use; Capable but immoral, limit the usage; incapable and immoral, never use

Study Concept: Everyone should study and improve together, use every bit of intelligence and morality comes first

Work Concept: Strict, careful, pragmatic, prompt, make perfection more perfect, seek result without loss

Operation Concept: Forge the Hushin brand with honesty and mutual benefit

Service Concept: Supreme after-sales service, customer always prevail

Company Boundary: No embezzlement, no disclosure of confidential, no offence to the superior, no bribery, no illegal activity

Company Slogan: Hushin is my family, we serve her together; achieve team success and help me grow up! Never look down on yourself and limitless possibilities in human. Unite as one to create miracle; stand together for the deepest love

Self-encouragement: I am the best and I love myself; I can do this, I am bound to succeed, I love Hushin.