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Useful rules:The High level's mind, the middle level's virtue, the basic level's abilities


From the past to nowadays, countless emperors and ministers had their own ways of employing people, the winner's example is Liu bang, while the loser's is Xiang Yu. Whether an enterprise can succeed or not, the selection and employment play a very crucial role, because all the businesses are done by people, the enterprise wants to find a very suitable talent is very difficult, the key is how you use the existing these people.


If the enterprise is compared to a sports field, the basic level is the athlete, the middle level is the coach, the top level is the referee, the basic level only work and do not behave; Middle level do both ;The high does not work only behave!


For the assessment of basic level athletes, gold medal is the goal, not qualified to judge, do more than say, the goal is gold medal, do a good job, to achieve the goal, this is the standard. Just speak with data, work the good things to be better, the bad things also do as good as possible, in this way, comes an excellent basic level, so be qualified to talk about behaving!


For the assessment of middle level staff, that is, the coach, the coach need to work and behave.


Because of good coaches is the athlete who won gold medal , who has the inheritance and  the experience of innovation. The coaches like this must both work and behave, be selfless and fearless


As for the assessment of high-level, is the referee, one who just manage people not things.Because the top is only responsible for fully using people, knows what to care and what not to. Allow room for people below you to make mistakes and grow quickly.


Ability, virtue, mind, this is the test of basic, middle and high-level's people managing skills.


1. Concept of using people


Be sure to find the right staff with proper ability, titles, experience, contribution and style. Focusing on the quality instead of number of staff.


2. Attitude of using people


Make sure who is your “god” ,not your clients, but the staffs working for you .

Why and how?

To fully use the people in your team, first, make him your “god”, tell him and actually do something for him. For instance, If you want your secretary to be a good  secretary , you have to be a good secretary for him first. Want your staff to provide good service, serve him well first. Don't ride on the high horse.


This attitude must keep in the manager's mind: “What can i do for you? What else? What you can ask me to do for you?” This is the very attitude for an enterprise. For example, in the dinner with the team, someone proposes a toast to you. However, can you propose to your staff as a leader? server your team with actual behavior?


The second god is respected leaders. Do what they say and achieve their goals with all effort regardless of any difficulties. How to do this? Make a careful standard, form a wonderful brand, make the project flawless and work as fast as possible, and then keep really safe in the process.


Third, loyal customer. As a decision-maker, set a striking banner outside and build an elite team inside, finally, the buyer's market changes into the seller's market. The company managed to be strong, big and excellent or professional and delicate in niche market. Carefully serve the first and second gods, the third will naturally come. The key point is, though ranked third, the customer still are as important as the others!


 3.Ways to use people


Be skeptical in using people and use those suspicious people; be reasonably skeptical and use them emotionally; publicly suspect and use transparently. Nowadays, this is the best way to use people in enterprises. Only being just, fair and open could the company be sustainable and long living.


 4. Techniques of using people


Likely to find, care with warm heart, tolerate and generously use. Finding the merits in people and take care of their thoughts, tolerate their characteristics and grant them rights. Keep them in the team and make them feel like a host in a family.


 5. Style of using people


As for the grade six talent, use them in a grade eight scale, give them grade 10 treatment.


 6.Mind of using people


More acknowledgement, less criticism; use ability and tolerate their shortcoming; sharp mouth but soft in heart.


 7.State of using people


For the basic level , maintain them with treatment; middle with emotion and high with career prospective.


8.Philosophy of using


Growing up style, mature style and successful style.

Failure is the mother of success. this motto is supposed to be used differently to different people. As for the growing up style, tell the truth; for the mature, tell him that success is the mother of failure; for the successful style, being distinguish in advantage and disadvantage is the mother in mother.


 9. Succeed in using people


Dare to deny and innovate, dare to fail and abandon, not afraid of losing everything.