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      Staff Concept
Moral and capable, fully use; 
Moral but incapable, train and use;
Capable but immoral, restrict to use;
Incapable and immoral, never use.

The mission of Hushin is to“Serve customers and create value, achieve employee's growth, develop Hushin's business and contribute to society”. The prospective for Huaxingxinrui is “to build the first optical communication product production base and become the industry leader”; The company spirit is“Innovation and power up, never surrender and keep fighting”while the core values are “Honesty, Diligence, Harmony, Study, Passion, All-winning, Pragmatic, Gratitude”. We are exploring human resources in a multi-channel, multi-layer and all round manner to build a suitable surrounding for fostering excellent staffs and providing you a career platform to utilize abilities and achieve your dream!