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Still water runs deep, culture invigorates the career
2019/01/28    2813

Confucius said: "only the world is the most sincere, to be able to do its nature; To the best of their nature, to the best of human nature; Can do the human nature, can do the nature of things; To the best of the nature of things, can praise the nature of heaven and earth; Can praise the cultivation of heaven and earth, can participate with heaven and earth!"

A person, especially an entrepreneur could inspire and encourage the good virtue and consciousness in more people if he could pay more attention to himself and cultivate personal character. As known”Sincerity can not only be employed to perfect oneself but also perfect all things.” To make the best use of people, make the best use of things.


Form the model of Interaction between Sports and productivity

The most crucial requirement for the a company is to keep alive. Key to realize this goal is improving the corporate culture.”Innovation and power up, never surrender and keep fighting” is the spirits of Hushin. Mr. Yan advocates the concept of “scientific sports, healthy life and happy working ” since the sound corporate culture creates good environment and improves the productivity in a long-lasting manner. With the improved productivity, the culture is also inspired reversely to make us more confident in our own culture.


Interviewed Yan Zhibing (First on the left)

In the past Hejian Marathon, Hushin organized a 36 people team to attend this event and covered the enrollment fee and cost of costumes. Hushin also provided T-shirt for every runner from this city. When the match was over, the staffs who took part in said they had stimulated their potential during the game which was once thought impossible. 


It was told that Hushin would host several long running cooperated with Hejian Happy Runner Club. The scale has been growing and more and more people join in. We can say that it is the local running had supported the success of Hejian marathon. Hejian is also the first county level unit that could organize the international marathon, we could see how much the local government cares about the sports.


Mr. Yan told the journalist that he started running since coming back from gobi in May, 2016. He started with 10 miles running and insisted eversince. He took several half and entire marathons.

Mr. Yan thought that we don't pursue speed in marathons but an experience instead, that's to say, persistence is winning. The is the same case with marketing. The spirits of marathon should be applied once we need to breakthrough, keep fighting and never surrender. Things will change.


He also mentioned that we should choose the suitable sports for ourselves, for instance, basketball, badminton, bicycle, hiking. The first thing is, becoming healthy by doing sports. That will lead us to be energetic and enthusiastic in working ; the second is bringing more people into the group. For example, Yan's wife is the first affected one. Starting from a non-runner to being able to finish the full marathon, big change had taken place. The staffs had also been influenced. Being inspired by the uprising spirits, the staffs are able to believe in themselves and fear nothing and then achieve more.

 “I always encourage my staffs to know dreams, actions, persistence and excellence, that is to say, act when you have a dream, persist in the process and excel in achieving goals. Use the spirits of running into practical work.” Said Mr. Yan.


Continuously improve the connotation

Nowadays, the corporate culture has become the combination of both economic and cultural meanings. The sense of value, behavior principles of a company connect closely with each manager’s knowledge level, occupational attitude and philosophy of life.

There are six features in Hushin culture: the talent culture focusing on actual achievement, the team culture of improving together, the innovative culture of turning knowledge into wisdom, the confinement culture of rules and regulations, the inspirational culture of performance-orientation and the culture of harmony.

The company often organizes themed practical activities such as hiking, mountain climbing,camping and other outdoor training. In addition, chorus, poem reading, article soliciting could foster cultural recognition and cultural awareness; patriotic and human-based rituals such as flag raising, singing company song, celebrations, awarding, birthday parties, new year greetings and etc. These activities instill culture and improve the cohesion and centripetal force, strengthen the sense of appreciation and belonging.


Museum, billiards, table tennis room, basketball court could also be found in the company. These facilities are used to improve the lives of staffs and show the love from the company.

5000 RMB will be awarded to the staff’s children who pursue bachelor degree, 8000 for those in 985 type of schools and 3000 for college student. This has been a tradition in company. 

The building of sense of value is a key to keep company sustainable and long living. The sense of belonging and responsibility could improve people’s sense of achievement, making every staff aware of their existence and achieve their goals. 

The company organizes the quarterly meeting in different places in the country for the staffs to relax. The staffs who performs better are able to travel overseas in order to get a chance to open views and refresh. The annual meeting is held in the headquarter every year in Hejian. Making everyone feel at home and summarize the whole year, awarding the excellent staffs with cash and material bonuses to make them feel acknowledged and obtain the sense of honor. 


Someone questioned Yan's participation in so many sports for wasting time. He explains that he is giving employees more chances to try error and improve through correcting it. I give the team more space to train the management team and maintain the success of our group whether I am in position or not. 

In order to improve the sense of responsibility, Hushin organized various culture training classes for different teams to enhance the cultural abilities. 

Exploring overseas market

Hushin's theme for the year of 2018 “Innovation never ceases, reformation keeps on the way” and work with the concept of “Communicate through levels to find consensus, cooperate with peer for development ”, the company increased cost in R&D and followed the trend of foreign markets to establish a innovation center. Cooperated with the universities to produce new products and develop relative civil or non-civil items. Focusing on the civil market and trying to apply techniques for future wisdom city and big data. Forging excellent products and providing quality service to fuse into the world.


Hushin had done research in Nepal, India, Iran, Indonesia and planned to set up overseas office in 2019. Opening the market with product and later will build factories and other facilities.

Innovating in sales model. E-commerce platform was initiated in 2017 in Alibaba, JD, Tmall to enable customers to find Hushin's products without further trouble and began to yield in 2018.


Recently, 7 big regions and a special region had been established in China, the expansion had imposed higher requirement on the company. What can we offer to the customer and what space could we create for the staffs, what we could do for the society, are the major points that we are focusing on.


Great love for everyone in need

As the leading company in the optical Telecom industry, Hushin Group has always been working in compliance with social responsibility and carrying out the core value of socialism. We merged the concept of social responsibility into our corporate culture and enhance the sense of responsibility, helped those inferior and took part in social charity activities.

Hushin has kept donating for the poor university students. In the “Thousand Miles Love Campaign” in 2017, as the sponsor, the company had donated 150 thousand RMB and helped 1840 children from three schools.


Student aid, donation, the pattern of spreading love is finite, but love is infinite.


Mr. Yan expressed excitedly, i receive letters from the students we helped every year, wherever they study or whatever they major in, they show me the sincere heart and let me know that our contribution has got the best reward.


Culture manages and the performance accomplishes the company. The culture of responsibility has merged in this land of starting up a business and brings about development miracles one after another! The miracles is nourished and keeps on flourishing.




I often ask those companies that how many years you had been running, if the answer is about 7 years, I would tell them to carefully edit the corporate culture. Because the newly started company doesn’t actually need to care about the company culture, but if you still don’t forge this culture after 5-6 years, your business would be at risk. The sound and complete culture of company could help plan the long term strategy and improve productivity.


Hushin's operation concept is“Forge the Hushin brand with honesty and mutual benefit”, which tells employees to keep healthy by doing sports, makes the core value ”dreams, actions, persistence and excellence”turn into behavior norms. Transiting the spirits “Innovation and power up, never surrender and keep fighting”into the self-conscious action and the prospective “To build the first optical communication product production base and become the industry leader”into everyone’s vision. Just like what we know in the company theme song “We stand together through thick and thin...we fight as one to create your miracle”.

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