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2019/01/28    2233

With the massive trial of FTTH by China Telecom in 2010, China had become the fastest growing country in the field of FTTH. Tens of millions of users applied every year had led to large-scale network construction requirements which even affected the pattern of the global FTTH providers. The “Fiber China” strategy’s implementation had directly propelled the booming need in fusion splicer in China.


Grab the chance to forge a centennial Hushin

With the implementation of fusion of three major networks, telecommunication industry had faced a historical opportunity. The traditional providers had strengthened the development of network and the era of FTTH has arrived. Heat fusion splicing had turned into a trend. Huaxingxinrui Communications Technology Group Co., Ltd. is located in Hejian city, which lies in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and is the national communications equipment production base. The Group works with the concept of “Forge the Hushin brand with honesty and mutual benefit” and advocates “Supreme after-sales service, customer always comes first”. Market-oriented and innovative in developing, the company focuses on improving efficiency and upgrading the whole structure.

The group company has these subordinate companies: Huaxingxinrui Communication Technology Group Co.Ltd, Beijing Huaxingxinrui Communication Technology Development Center, Beijing Huaxingxinrui Technology Development Co.Ltd, Tianjin Huaxingxinrui Communication Technology Co.Ltd, Hebei Xingjie Communication Engineering Co.Ltd and Hebei Xingrui Plastics Product Co.Ltd. As the optical network technology has entered a new phase and testing on new techniques has become the center of every aspect’s attention. In this background, Hushin has pioneered in this field and scored nicely in outdoor, under well and drop installation. Years of struggle has enabled Hushin to become market-oriented and innovative and utilized new experience. Hushin focuses on steady developing and hopes to build a centennial company.

Innovate products and enhance connotation of quality 

Hushin has always been aiming at being innovative, at present, there are more than 100 practical patents and invention patents. The company tends to learn from overseas technology and ensure quality and improve service. In the recent 26th CCBN expo, Hushin displayed newly developed H series fusion splicer and the management platform application for IoT based ODF to provide the good quality and newest technique and thoughtful solutions.


H series fusion splicer had been in development since 2012, with patents and series of products come up, had proved the theory that president Yan Zhibing had always mentioned. He believes that innovation and reformation can bring chance. The H5, H8, H10 and H12R had been accepted as 5A products by the network operators and selected as the No.1 choice. Their quality has been proved highest and the cost performance in the field outstands in the whole nation. H10 had recently passed the tests run by broadcast and TV system and taken a promising future. It has been used by Chongqing and Hebei Broadcast and Television and highly appreciated.


Hushin also looks beyond horizon and seeks global opportunity . Having attended the expos in US, Singapore, Iran, India, Brazil and Nepal and etc., Hushin debuted in Dubai expo with newly developed H series fusion splicers, HX-120D and HX-80D OTDR and attracted many attention and good feedback.


Highlight the satisfaction and reveal service features

Hushin has used the 4S service concept which had used in automobile industry into the company service system. The service wagon is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for maintenance, upkeep and calibration; also carries various spare parts and consumables. The technicians could serve the customer timely and provide full-scale support in software and hardware. The service quality is the key factor that Hushin cares about and one-stop provision and one-package service is our goal.


Providing ”One-stop provision and one-package service”is one of the crucial parts in promoting service satisfaction and building brand name, honor and loyalty. We are keen on being wherever the customers need us. Yan Zhibing, the president of Hushin had mentioned that building 4S service concept is the strategical mission and the bridge for connecting the customer and our company. As long as we stand together and move forward, we can forge our brand into a leading one in the industry. In the year 2018, a situation with new trend, chance and goal, Hushin staffs keep on with the beliefs of“pragmatic, efficient, innovative, excellent”and not fear the disadvantage and difficulties, use our fullest mind power and spirits of exploration to become a strong force in the Telecom industry and make ourselves the leader.