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The third station: Dongshan Middle School
2019/01/29    2143

The team arrived at the third station of the campaign on June 2nd, Dongshan middle school in Liaoning to present 70 thousands RMB and books, living goods and nutrition valued 80 thousand RMB. 

The donation held at 10:00 in the hall of school. Local superiors and heads of enterprises had attended the donation.

The campaign was sponsored by Hushin Group and Beijing Sitong Household service group; launched by Beijing Youxin Entrepreneur Club; co-hosted by Lei Diansheng Studio and Beijing Tiandaohengyuan Culture Media Co.Ltd; presented by Beijing Renyixiongdi International Film Culture Media Co.Ltd.

Yan Zhibing, Hushin’s president and Chen Jie from Sitong also said:

The campaign helps more kids to grow up in loving surrounding spreads positive energy and calls for everyone’s positive attitude towards special disadvantaged groups. Harmony of the society is needed, no matter how much can you do for others, just do it. Help as many as we can, keep on doing the charitable thing for the entire nation!

Mr. Zhou, the head of the county said that the problem of left-behind kids attracts attention of governments, educational departments, media and caring people. You came a long way to attend these children and we can feel the charm of this great love. Children will feel the love and be strong in the future life an study.


On the ceremony, the students all lined up on the platform and performed the song “Grateful Heart”. The rhythm of the song touched all the people in the room.

Students presented their hand-made gifts to the entrepreneurs to thank them for coming. Paper crane, wind bells, cloth pictures and letters and etc. In presenting the gifts a student said to Mr. Yan: I will keep studying well and grow up to be like you to help more people.

Every company leader had been moved during the conversation with students and they are happy to see that love seeds had been planted and will bloom in the future.